Future-Fit Leadership

It is becoming increasingly clear that the current left brain dominant, logical, analytical, and process-driven leadership approach is, by itself, incapable of successfully navigating the VUCA world rapidly moving towards us (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous). Truly effective 21st century leadership will develop an appropriate new balance between these established qualities and more right brain, creative, adaptable, intuitive, and emotionally intelligent methods – that will enable any system to achieve peak performance. Future-fit leaders will need to learn new language and behavior to maximize a whole–brain approach to meet the challenges ahead.

Times are changing at a pace never seen before. The complexity around us is increasing every day. Leaders and companies must adapt to this new reality and consulting, in order to respond to an ever-increasing need for right-brain capacities in leaders and their teams, needs to evolve to include a more archetypally yin, feminine, intuitive and emotionally intelligent way of caring for a system. The consulting metaphor is changing from 'fixing a machine' to 'enabling a living system'.

To successfully align an organization and its culture with these new, fast-changing business realities every company needs a tipping point of transformational leaders. These must have the capacity, courage and integrity necessary to challenge and reimagine the stories and operating assumptions that underpin the organization’s DNA. An Archetypal diagnostic and the ensuing different way of thinking can aid such leaders on a deep and meaningful level. Importantly, this gives an invaluable perspective that is necessary during these times and is an important step to future-fit leadership.